Saturday, August 9, 2014

TLS Radio

For the last month or so Ive been working with a shoutcast server located on the TLS box. I havent seen any difference in the game so Im pushing it on. I have ALMOST fully configured the sam broadcaster client I am using to work with requests/dedication. Here is the link to listen: http:/ You should enter this link in your browser and download the listen.pls file and open it with a media player. Or you can open your media player and find where you would go to connect to a shoutcast stream. I can help if there is any confusion as Ive used most of em. Additionally soon I will have the link on the playlist/dedication/request page that will open an external media player and connect you to the stream. I have yet to set this up. The following is the link to the playlist and also the way to request/dedicate songs: If you would like to also do some djing it would require you to use a program like sam audio which requires mysql or some other db util. Or you can do the simple route. Either way I can fully explain how to do it either way. I will (in the future) be purchasing items of special interest for TLS players. These objects will be given out by radio contests and very rarely put up for a quest on the mud. The pricing to ship is gonna be a pain so Im not gonna do it often. Maybe once a month or so. If you have any suggestions on music I should download or shows or anything then please drop me a link on the mud or email at again the link to the website for requests/dedications and my playlist is at

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