Sunday, December 8, 2013


This one is a quest I thought up a couple days ago. Somewhere on this website there is green text. Specifically a set of numbers. Now to win you must comment on the page when the green text shows up. Just comment the string of numbers first and you win. Once the person who won gets their prize I will remove this post and the comment. Unless its a decent one. Just put the string of numbers in there ;)

Oh and the prize is 100qps and you get to choose a bag number. This quest will NOT be in the notes area. That would make it too easy. So basically what Im saying is this is a website only quest and the first person who checks this post will be at an advantage. GL

Edit: Loki got to it first so hes getting a chit and a change at the bag quest. Like Ive said before you should either check the website everyday or use the follow by email link. I plan on doing more quests like this where I dont tell anyone about it.

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